Massage Therapy & Energy Healing

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

I have been walking the path of mind, body and spirit wellness for most of my life. As a former professional wakeboarder, I have a profound understanding of the body and what it really takes to optimize to feel your best. I give massages with a purpose and release full body tension as well as localized areas that are impacting your ability to flow.

I also embrace the path of a healer as a certified Reiki Master. Energy healing is a wonderful way to re-balance the field around your body and release blockages that no longer serve you. This work can also be incorporated into your massage for a truly integrated wellness experience. When the mind is calm, the body is firing, and your energy is flowing you achieve your greatest states of health and wellness. 


Put Your Body in Healing Hands

I specialize in intuitive deep tissue massage, allowing for communication with the client’s body and their energy field to dictate the depth of pressure and technique on the areas of focus. Each session is infused with Reiki energy healing and frequency-raising Arcturian techniques for a truly unique experience.

A Reiki Master, I act as the conduit that channels the universal energy through my body and send it into the client’s body and energy fields to release blockages, increase flow, and raise their vibrations so the client can then truly heal him or herself. Energy healing sessions often utilize crystals, mantras, and sound healing and begin with balancing the chakras before moving on to overall flow and addressing individual problem areas. My overall method of energy healing has morphed from a strict Reiki practice into an individualized healing modality drawing upon Arcturian techniques for a more precise and targeted approach.





Leah D.

"Barrett is an incredible massage therapist. She integrates physical touch with energy work beautifully. She sees the body as a whole being rather than individual parts. She always is in great spirits, and is incredibly personable. As a massage therapist myself, I am picky about who I receive work from. I am grateful to have Barrett’s skills in my life. Book a session with her, you will be happy you did!"

Christian U.

"Barrett performed a massage + Reiki. Both were amazing. She inquired about any injuries and was very attentive to my problem areas. Magic hands! Reiki was new for me & though a tad skeptical I opened up to the idea. It’s very interesting! Today I feel not only relaxed but free & full of new energy & intent! Thank you, Barrett!"


For additional appointment availability and questions, call or text 310-986-2950.