How To Quiet The Mind For Meditation

meditation Jul 10, 2022
How To Quiet The Mind For Meditation

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about why they think they can't meditate is that they find it impossible to quiet their "monkey brain" or the constantly running thoughts they have. I'll be honest, it's not easy when you first start out. I thought it would be impossible when I started 10 years ago, too! But it turns out... just like your muscles take time to grow from hitting the gym, stilling the mind requires work and simply just showing up. 

Why Won't My Brain BE QUIET?

Our minds have been programmed from birth to allow our default mode networks, previously known as the ego, to run the show. The default mode network is entirely consumed with self preservation. And it LOVES to obsess over things and put roadblocks up to your success. It's almost like our biggest antagonist in life! And it will try and fight you every step of the way to quieting your brain. The same way your legs don't want to run 2 miles when you first start... let alone 5 or 10. The default mode network is happy with the way things are... caveman style... and one of the keys to awakening and unplugging from the matrix is overcoming this archaic controller inside your head.

How Do I Quiet My Brain?

This is the part that takes PRACTICE! The same way when I paddled out surfing for the very first time, I didn't think my arms would last an hour paddling around the ocean. Now I regularly can push through 2-3 hr long sessions. Continuing to show up for meditation is the biggest key. Now that you're here, consider these tips:

  • Don't judge yourself for thinking. When you catch yourself doing something other than the meditation practice in your head, thank your thoughts and kindly push them aside. The key here is to avoid negative self-talk when this happens. Thoughts popping up are all part of the practice. By dismissing them kindly, it's easier and more enjoyable to return to the practice.
  • Start your meditation practice using guided visualization meditations. These are super helpful because the guide is often talking and engaging you in the technique so you have less time to think about anything else. 
  • Remind yourself that this time is for YOU. These are the 10-20 minutes or more that you have set aside for YOUR BENEFIT. The world is not going to come crumbling down during the meditation. There's no problem that you're going to solve by continuing to think about it. So allow yourself the time and space to disconnect from everything that has brought you to needing meditation in the first place. Give yourself permission to turn the dial of your thoughts down.
  • When in doubt, bring your focus to your breath. Pay attention and follow the flow of air as it comes in through your nose, fills your diaphragm, goes up through the lungs and cycles back out through your nose. Following the breath with your awareness will quickly help still your thoughts.

In this post, you'll find the audio to my favorite guided meditation, Source Energy Meditation. Join me for 18 minutes as I guide you through opening ancient symbols on the body to raise your frequency. And remember... be kind to yourself as those thoughts pop up!