The Unlocking

5 Month¬†Metamorphosis ūü¶č¬†

Embark on a transformative journey to quantum leap forward and align on your highest timeline.

Core pillars of this program focus on:

  • Overcoming¬†fear, breaking the rules, and getting out of society's proverbial "box"
  • Stepping into your authenticity, alignment, and full fuck yes
  • Illuminating your blind spots for multi-dimensional expansion
  • Raising your frequency for a radical shift in¬†creating your own reality
  • Harnessing and balancing the masculine and feminine within
  • Emotional mastery techniques
  • Intuitive development and¬†building a relationship with Sacred World
  • Working with¬†plant medicine allies for¬†empowering results, loving awareness, consciousness expansion, creativity, and connection
  • How to move at the Speed of Trust
  • Expanding your ability to bring loving awareness to all aspects of life,¬†and your ability to expand in love

This sacred¬†program unlocks leaders, unleashes creativity, optimizes performance, and manifests abundance by harmonizing with the cosmic dance. Through ancient wisdom and practices, this journey guides a profound metamorphosis, allowing for happiness and love to¬†upgrade¬†every facet of life. This holistically integrated experience transcends material boundaries, leading¬†you to a higher state of being‚ÄĒaligning on your highest timeline. It is a rebirth of the soul, upleveling¬† every part of you¬†and unlocking your legacy¬†as you become the creator of your destiny.
Available no matter where you are located in the world. 

*Optional Elite Ascension upgrades available.*

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Breakthrough Immersion

3 Day Laser Focus  ✨ 

We join forces to laser focus over 3 days on a specific challenge in your life, where sacred ceremony becomes the catalyst for a profound personal breakthrough. Through ritual and guided practices, together we will navigate the depths of your consciousness, tapping into sacred wisdom to illuminate pathways to resolution. This immersive experience serves as a peak experience for self-discovery, providing a safe environment for you to gain clarity, release blockages, and forge a renewed sense of purpose.

This option is great for:

  • Problems and blocks in need of skilled¬†shamanic work
  • Relationship intimacy and communication transformation
  • Solving a complex¬†issue
  • Expanding awareness in multiple dimensions
  • Reconnecting with Spirit Guides through a safely facilitated and playful space
  • Purging emotional ties
  • Stepping into your power
  • Your first heroic dose

This program is a great introduction to working with me!

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