The Unlocking

5 Month Signature Program ✨ 

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey to reconnect with your inner self, the Earth, and the Cosmos, making a quantum leap in how you show up in the world. This sacred odyssey unlocks creativity, optimizes performance, and manifests abundance by harmonizing with the cosmic dance. Through ancient wisdom and practices, the program guides a profound metamorphosis, allowing for happiness and love to flow through every facet of life. This holistic experience transcends material boundaries, leading you to a higher state of being—aligning on your highest timeline. It is a rebirth of the soul, upleveling and unlocking your legacy to become the creator of your destiny. Available no matter where you are in the world, and optional in-person add-ons.

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The Soul Awakening

8 Week In-Person Transformation ✨ 

Only available a few times a year, this immersive 8-week soul-awakening journey, the sacred melds with the earthly in a transformative in-person experience. This program heals and expands participants through spiritual guidance, hands-on intuitive body work, breakthrough ceremonies, and the profound energies of Arcturian frequency healing. Together, these modalities create a potent alchemy that facilitates the release of deeply rooted physical and energetic blockages. Through this sacred voyage, you are empowered to quantum leap forward, optimizing your existence by transcending barriers that hinder spiritual and physical growth. This soul-awakening program is a harmonious convergence of ancient traditions and cosmic energies, offering a unique and transformative space for profound healing and quantum evolution. Ideal for athletes, creatives, healers, leaders, and energy sensitive souls.

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Breakthrough Immersion

3 Day Laser Focus  ✨ 

Let’s join forces to laser focus over 3 days on a specific area of your life, where sacred ceremony becomes the catalyst for profound personal breakthroughs. Through guided rituals and intentional practices, you will navigate the depths of your consciousness, tapping into the wisdom of ancient ceremonies and guidance to illuminate pathways to resolution. This immersive experience serves as a crucible for self-discovery, providing a supportive environment for you to gain clarity, release obstacles, and forge a renewed sense of purpose. This program is a great introductory to working with me!

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