Psychedelic Support


Empowering You With Years of Experience to Transform Your Life WIth Psilocybin

My extensive experience with psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics and plant medicines have driven me to share the beautiful experience of “magic mushrooms” with others. Allow my trauma-informed support to guide you to release blockages, make new internal discoveries, reconnect with your body and essence, and integrate these experiences.

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Psychedelic Real Talk is a YouTube series designed to share my experiences with psychedelics and plant medicines with you. Episodes showcase my first time taking a therapeutic medicine, advice and tips for your own practices, and deeper explorations of the psychedelic world. 

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Ways To Work With Me

Psychedelic Support Call


One Hour Vitrual Call

Providing pre-ceremony preparation & guidance and post-ceremony integration sessions online for people who desire support, counseling or help with integrating their mystical or therapeutic psychedelic experience. Have you had a psychedelic experience you are still trying to make sense of? Do you desire to experience psychedelics in a new and purposeful way? Are you seeking to explore the depths of consciousness?


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Microdosing Support


One Month of Support

Helping you assess where you’re at as you begin your microdosing protocol and guiding you through the changes as you experience them. I will address all of your questions and concerns as they arise through texts, calls, and emails, and enhance your practice with journaling prompts, guided meditations, and recommendations for continued growth and healing.


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Psychedelic Transformation


3 Month Program
Payment Plan Available

Having a deep psycho-spiritual experience with psychedelics can be very transformative, intense, and also sometimes a challenge to both make sense of and reap the benefits of. These experiences are of mind, body, and spirit but if there isn’t intentional integration post journey, you may be left flailing in confusion or feeling as though the experience didn’t quite deliver in terms of depths of gaining the deeper understanding of self you had hoped for.

This program is designed to help you reflect and assimilate the psychedelic experience so you can reap the benefits of this plant medicine. 

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In need of immediate help during your psychedelic experience? Contact Fireside Project.

Dan K.

“Every detail of the ceremony was so perfectly crafted and beyond what I had ever imagined. I feel like I truly discovered who I was that night and realized I’d been doing mushrooms wrong all this time! I’d highly recommend seeing Barrett for a life changing ceremonial experience.”

Jerry D.

“Ever since taking mushrooms with Barrett, I’ve been having amazing days. No bad thoughts and haven’t been cussing the world. Today was the best day I’ve had in ???? I hope other people see the change in me and start to embrace these plant medicines. THANK YOU!!!”